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Have fun.Eat Plants.

Treat yourself with a simple, creative plant-based lifestyle.

about plant candy

Bringing Creativity + Fun to Plant-Based Living

Adding fruit, veggies, and whole grains to your life doesn’t have to be boring. From our engaging cooking demos and wellness workshops to our meal plans and catering services, Plant Candy gets you just as excited about plants as you are about candy!

Meet Our CEO & Co-Founder

We are committed to exploring ways to use plants to improve overall wellness and quality of life.

Plant-Based Chef, Author, Food for Life Instruction, Wellness Educator

Brandy is on a mission to help people simplify plant-based living. Whether she is supporting entrepreneurs, communities or families, her goal is to shift the mindset of anyone who's curious about the plant-based lifestyle. Ultimately, Brandy wants to create a narrative that a splash of creativity, a dash of openness, and a lot of spice, can make plant-based living enjoyable and fun! Learn more about our origin story.

Treat Yourself