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Have fun.Eat Plants.

Treat yourself with a simple, creative plant-based lifestyle.

about plant candy

Bringing Creativity + Fun to Plant-Based Living

Plant Candy is where we believe that the journey to wellness can be as delightful as a sweet treat! We are not just a wellness company; we’re a vibrant community of individuals passionate about embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Our commitment extends beyond providing information; it’s about fostering a sense of joy, community & flavor while living  plant-based.

Meet Our CEO & Co-Founder

We’re here to harness the potential of plants for your wellness journey. Let us inspire and support you in cultivating impactful habits for a healthier life.

Plant-Based Chef, Author, Food for Life Instruction, Wellness Educator

Brandy is on a mission to help people simplify plant-based living. Whether she is supporting entrepreneurs, communities or families, her goal is to shift the mindset of anyone who's curious about the plant-based lifestyle. Ultimately, Brandy wants to create a narrative that a splash of creativity, a dash of openness, and a lot of spice, can make plant-based living enjoyable and fun! Learn more about our origin story.

Treat Yourself