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At Plant Candy, we are committed to providing fun, accessible, and delicious plant-based recipes that inspire people to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into their daily diets. Our mission is to plant the seed that a plant-based lifestyle is not only possible but also a flavorful and enjoyable journey.


Plant Candy’s vision is to redefine the future of nourishment, making plant-based living not just a choice but a priority and joyful experience for all.

Our Story

Plant Candy is the brainchild of two friends, Brandy and Alexis, who decided that they wanted to respect their inner foodie, while living a healthy lifestyle. Both friends grew up loving food and, as adults, still question whether they should have just become chefs. They created Plant Candy as a way to introduce fun ways for people to add more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to their diet – without sacrificing taste. At Plant Candy, we take a whole foods, plant-based approach to healthy living. It’s more about celebrating the vegetable, exploring textures and flavor profiles, and eating to live, while actually enjoying it. Our recipes range from simple salads to childhood favorites, reworked with a Plant Candy twist. We don’t use oil. We keep added salt and sugar low. We avoid dairy and meat AND still make the food taste delicious! Accessible and affordable ingredients are our focus, so no need to worry about trips to speciality stores to try our recipes.

We both love food and life and want to share that with you. Whether we are cooking in our own respective kitchens or traveling the world and sharing the best plant-based food around, you can trust that we will get you excited about eating what’s good for you.

Thanks for dropping by! We look forward to introducing you to Plant Candy!


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Our goal

Making plant-based living simple, creative & fun.

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