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In-Person and Online Plant-Based Cooking Classes and Demos

Plant Candy offers plant-based cooking classes for people looking for ways to add plant-based meals to their life to improve their health.

We offer classes for:

Simple and Fun Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Dive into the world of plant-based culinary delights with our cooking classes, where we bring the playful art of mix and match to the vibrant blend of natural food. From honing knife skills to reading label, our classes cover everything – from delectable appetizers to irresistible desserts. Specializing in Vegan, Plant-Based, and SOS Free ( No Salt- No Oil – No Sugar)

Join us in the Plant Candy kitchen to play with herbs and spices, explore different cultural dishes and learn how to build flavor to create your favorite meals. Through the shared experience of gathering, preparing, cooking, and tasting meals together, we not only create delicious dishes but also cultivate a curious community. Unleash your inner plant-based chef and explore plant-based living with us!

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